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Who can apply visa

Visa request to Estonia can be submitted by:

  • Pskov and Pskov region residents;
  • Applicants registered in Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Velikiy Novgorod, Republic of Karelia should submit documents at the Estonian Visa Center in Saint Petersburg);
  • Applicants registered in other regions of Russia submit documents at the Estonian visa center in Moscow;
  • Foreign citizens can submit documents to visa center having registration or permit of stay in Russian Federation;
  • Russian citizens who have the registration in another region of Russian Federation can submit documents to visa center having temporary registration or proof of employment or study in Pskov or Pskov region.


Dear Applicants!
Each applicant must appear in person at the visa application centers to provide biometric identifiers fingerprints to the union schengen visa information system (VIS).
For the Applicants who have already provided biometric identifiers fingerprints , documents can be submitted by:

  • One of the family members with the handwritten letter and copy of documents which prove family relations: for children – birth certificate (copy and original), for spouses — marriage certificate (original and copy), certificate of change of name.
    If applicant changed name, the certificate of change of name must be attached to prove relative relations.
    Kindly note that according to the Consulate requirements brothers and sisters cannot apply for each other.
  • Authorized representative with the letter of attorney (2 copies of the letter and 2 copies of the civil passport should be provided)
  • Company representative can apply for business visa with the letter.
  • Representative of agencies/companies/ institutions can apply for group (sport team, creative team etc.).
  • Parents or official representative can apply for minors or incapacitated persons with proper documentation duly signed, certified along with a copy. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from providing the fingerprints. Their attendance is not required.